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New Mexico


Retro-Rockets sterling silver jewelry is inspired by the imagery of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, Retro-Rockets™ Space Jewelry captures the excitement and adventure of a time when space exploration was confined to the imagination!

Please browse our complete in-house jewelry line of Sterling silver pins, pendants, and earrings with Swarovski garnet crystal flame, orange cubit zirconia, or abalone accents. The sleek designs of our Retro-Rockets will delight and engage any science fiction fan. We will also be writing about science fiction culture and news as well as all the latest big news in real life rocketry.


About Ruidoso Metalworks

About the team at Ruidoso Metalworks responsible for making Retro-Rockets. News in manufacturing and real space exploration.

Celebrating the Lunar Astronauts

Harry Topley

We just wanted to share a quick WIP photo of our Lunar Astronaut, which will be going into production very soon. Commemorating the successes of the NASA Lunar Program, and the work of all Astronauts who stepped foot on the moon. Designed using 3D modeling programs, and printed with the B9 Creator, master cast in bronze. Next it will be re-sprued for a more efficient wax flow, cleaned up just a bit more, a mold will be made with vulcanized silicon rubber, and we will be ready to mass produce.